Let your readers know more, stay more and generate more revenues!

Txtrider brings valuable and reliable information about brands, products, services, businesses, locations, well…on practically everything, aggregated from the wisdom of the crowds – online reviews.

Online reviews are by far the most trusted information one can receive about a product service brand or location. Txtrider works with Tier 1 review sites to aggregate the most reliable information, for your readers and share revenues with you. And this means more quality content for your readers, more on-page reader tie and more revenues for your website or blog!

Txtrider is seamlessly embedded in your website or blog’s editing dashboard, where you can control which and how many words in each page are connected, and will appear in full only when triggered by the reader. But enough talk: see the Demo!

Txtrider is currently available as WP plug-in, beta version. Need Txtrider for a different content management system (CMS)? Drop us a line!

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